“Thank you for the precious gift God delivered through you to me. I honestly feel like a free, washed in the blood new person.”

--Margaret K., former Missionary

"Coming from a background of religion since a child, I had a lot of preconceived notions of Jesus and what a relationship with him looked like.  Working with Jerilyn has strengthened my relationship with Jesus in ways that I did not know to be possible. The work we have done together has relieved daily anxiety and opened the door to a hopeful outlook on life. 

 I look forward to continuing to strengthen my relationship with Jesus and can't say enough about the little changes that occur on a daily basis in my overall thinking and emotions.  I have felt a sense of peace in whatever I am doing that can only come through knowing Jesus."

----Samantha G., Property Claims Adjuster 

"I was telling my cousin Jerilyn about some negative emotions I was dealing with one night and she started telling me about some ministry training she’d been studying over the past year. She asked if I’d be willing to let Holy Spirit do something. I’m so glad I said ok!

She used the word of God to help heal a major trauma wound that had happened in childhood. I felt like I could breath for the first time in decades! I told her, “You mean to tell me that I’ve been carrying that pain around for over 50 years and you were able to ask and get Jesus to heal it in 15 minutes?!?! I highly recommend hiring Jerilyn for the efficiency I see in this!"

--Sonya Carrier, Property Claims Adjuster

"Jerilyn Schrock really is led by the Spirit! When I first met her, in my home, she came in with a gentle yet firm spiritual confidence and led us in prayer. She went to work identifying Generational Curses and breaking down Spiritual walls! 

Jerilyn immediately went to the Courts of Heaven on our behalf for a variety of issues. The main issues addressed were various illnesses I've suffered over the decades. After the demons were sent to the pit she continued to pray for other family members in the group methodically and with authority.  

She is also a very good teacher and very confidential and honest. She will push as far as The Holy Spirit Leads keeping the clients state of mind at ease and ensuring not to overdo their comfort levels. She was never overbearing.  

I give her 5 out of 5 stars. Her teachings have had a huge impact on my spiritual growth and development; while yearning for a better relationship with Jesus and my heavenly Father!" 

--Jocelyn H., Homemaker

Reserved for you!

"Jerilyn has been taught well! During one of my follow-up sessions with Jerilyn, Jesus helped me heal from a sexual molestation that happened at age 6; which had devastated me and affected me even into my adult life. I had blamed myself, but during the session, Jesus helped me realize that I was not to blame, the boy was also wounded, and I was finally able to forgive him; and that’s when the breakthrough came! That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do to get my freedom and deliverance, but PRAISE JESUS, now I’m free from that pain!

Holy Spirit also led Jerilyn to uproot some other legal rights to curses from my family history. For example, we heard from Holy Spirit that one of my ancestors was a Mayan Priest, and had asked for their third eye to be opened. I realized the result from that curse was why I had often been afraid to look at myself in the mirror. It seemed like somebody else was looking back at me! We had to go to the Courts of Heaven to get that demonic right removed and the third eye cleansed and closed again. I felt so free and my eyeballs felt like they had been scrubbed clean

That session was special to me because my eyes were so clear afterwards that they reflected perfectly, almost like a mirror; and Jerilyn took a picture to show me. You can feel the anointing through the picture! I’m no longer afraid to look at myself in the mirror.

I’ve been telling all my friends about my testimony and encouraging them to contact Jerilyn Schrock for their own healing and deliverance sessions. I continue to have sessions with Jerilyn and look forward to receiving even more healing from Jesus, turning all my ashes to beauty, as I meet with her on a regular basis.” 

----Diane Marin, Worship Leader, Preacher, Inspirational Speaker

More Healing Includes

* Adolescent male no longer entertaining thoughts of suicide

* Adolescent female no longer suicidal and conquered fear of forming emotional attachments to pets

* Healing from trauma of childhood molestation (both males and females)

* Healing from the trauma of rape

* Collaborating with parents and their children in overcoming emotional scars from foster care and adoption,      including issues of orphan-hood, abandonment, and rejection

* Overcoming and clearing generational curses from Freemasonry

* Freedom from generational Caribbean witchcraft

* Enhanced spiritual discernment abilities, including improved vision in the Spirit realm and clearer                    communication with the Holy Spirit

* Grief recovery (so it no longer feels cutting or overwhelming)

* Healing from loss of a child

* Freedom from alcohol dependency used as a coping mechanism

* Freedom from perversion and other harmful coping and escaping mechanisms

* Gaining a better understanding of relationship dynamics by recognizing triggers in self and others

* Significant resource breakthroughs including a new vehicle which addressed a pressing need

These are just a few examples of the transformative work being done, 

with a focus on holistic healing and spiritual growth.

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